When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

He does not want to commit to a relationship, but we both enjoy having sex together. What should I do to make things better with my partner? I met this guy in Nashville Tennessee in the middle of July. He was here for work, and lives in California. We completely hit it off, and he pursued me hard. I thought the idea of a long distance relationship was crazy, but we spoke all day and night, and had a great connection. We eventually started going back and forth to see each other. This last time being over labor day weekend, was the last time I went to see him. When we are together its great, and perfect. We get along so well, its very passionate, and you can tell he is crazy about me. When I got back from CA after labor day, I told him we need to decide what to do. Do we want to continue to go forward with this, and if we do we should be exclusive and serious. We should be boyfriend/girlfriend because tickets going back and forth both ways are $600. But he got very weird about it, and said we needed to give it more time. Since then he has been acting really shady. Only giving me one word answers, and not responding to text as quick as usual which isn't him. He hardly ever wants to speak on the phone these days, but when I say let's just be friends he argues it and says he wants more. I got fed up with the weirdness so ignored him yesterday. He begged me to speak the entire day, and finally at 10pm I replied back. He asked why I was ignoring, and I told him because he does the same to me, and it does not feel good. He then began to be shady again and responding with one word text. This led me to just go off via text. Now I feel bad for going off. I like this guy and want it to work. Why is he being this way? I need your opinions please, the Confession.xyz experts!


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