When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

Does my co-worker really like me, or is he just playing with my emotions? He is 7 years older than me, what should I do because I really like him too! I recently met this guy at my workplace. He is simply my idea of perfection - sexy, intelligent and all great things. We have been talking for a few weeks now and he finally asked me out. We ended up getting some food, going for a walk and eventually ended up at his place and listened to some music and chilled. He asked me many questions about myself and what I want my dream man would be like and asked the qualities I liked. He was also very forward and was trying to be physically intimate, but I refused his advances. This is the first time we have been out together outside of work. He was even reciting me poetry and was an all around gentleman. My insecurities lie in the fact that he is extremely good looking and he models. He is also 7 years older than me - I m 21 and he is 28. i am really feeling this guy and want to take things further but I don t know where his intentions lie. help! I need some advice from people who have dated and know about relationships! thanks!!


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