When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

Will my boyfriend ever propose to me? Here is my relationship confession story.... My boyfriend and I have been together almost five years and and have lived together for three but I just don't think he will ever propose to me. I don't really know if it's because he is scared or just doesn't want to deal with it but it seriously is getting to me know. I'm 25 and he is 30 so a lot of our peers are getting married and maybe that's why it's bugging me so bad.. he knows I want to get married, have our own life together as husband and wife rather than just bf/gf but I'm starting to think he doesn't want that. He says he loves me, that I'm his soul mate and wants to be with me for life and I feel the same so I don't want to end this but I'm scared this just won't go anywhere farther than this. I'm also scared that this will be a reflection of his ambition on life going forward.. I'm not really looking for advice, I guess I just wanted it get it out there. First world problems, right? Will my boyfriend ever propose to me? Editor note: What words do you have for her or her boyfriend who's yet to propose?


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