When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

Confession of a Mama's Boy: What advice do you have for this anonymous confessor who confessed he was once sexually obsessed with his mother... "I'm 22 years right now. When I was roughly 13 years old I had band practice in the early morning. I'd wake up early and lay on my mom's bed until her alarm went off. One morning I stradled her from behind like spooning. For some reason she allowed this (and this is scaring me). I did this a few more times until she said no one morning. After this I think I developed weirder fetishes like interest in incest porn and milf porn. I even masturbated in her panties and pantyhose a few times while trying to watch her shower naked. I am disgusted about this now but not going to lie it turns me on a little. Something tells me it is wrong though because it can ruin a family. Do I have an oedipus complex? I'm currently going through some depression after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder so more things have been surfacing. I've tried burying this in the past and cringing at it but I don't know what to do. I don't want to bring it up to my father because it'll be weird even though he's my best friend now who's helping me with my problems. I have a psychologist. Do you think I should talk to my psych about this? Thank you guys and I'd appreciate any serious responses.


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