When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

There is a girl in my life..with whom I have become friendly.....for the last 7-8 months....   We both have started liking each other a lot..and talk on phone also for a considerable time of the day!   I have given her a personal mobile also so that she can talk to me private and can stay connected through whatsApp, too.....   But some behaviour of her...raised doubts in my mind and I decided to check up on her and insisted her to come out clean.....   She then confessed about having an affair with a married man... 10 years senior to her...with whom she was in love for the last 4-5 years!! And they were physically involved, too!... But 2 years back the guy got married and is not giving much time to her... Yet she still likes him and is not ready to leave him...because she still is emotionally attached to him...   This confession of hers shattered me..but I decided to leave her past behind her and go steady with her... I told her to forget the past and make a new future with me...   Though she agreed.... But i again caught her talking to that man on chat and on phone also....   Now my question is... What should I do now? Shall I forgive her ? Or leave her?


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