When last you confessed, AND FELT GOOD ABOUT IT?

We are really who we are, we all grew up in the same house though poor but we all past through the same experience but we turned out to be different people in life, Kehinde my eldest brother a dentist, Emily my immediate elder sister a medical doctor but I became a common thief, regardless of all the warnings and advice papa drummed into my ears: “you are special Felix”.     I had come to realize how special indeed I was, a renowned thief and assassin whom even the top government officials and the local drug barons respected.     First I was wanted for petty pilferage but when I committed first murder and was sentenced to jail, then I became popular because the policemen who handled my case tried everything possible so that I would confess who my other members where, who was running the armory for us and other questions they leveled at me.     I remained strong and had sworn never to give up on any of my gang members, I was hanged, battered and tortured and was even given the highest drill which was the use of electric to electrocute me so that I would in pain break the strong wall I had built in my mind to confess but that didn't happen.   Many times the dreaded officer Mubarak, a tall over 6ft policeman with his huge tribal marks that was like a scare on his face and his broad shoulder would pause during one of his too many quizzing to wipe the sweat of his face as he breathed heavily to look at me and say:   “You bloody bastard! You are a hardened criminal, I swear by allah, if I have to peel you flesh to get information out of you I’ll go the extra mile”.   To be continued.... Meanwhile, if you want more of my confessions, leave a comment below to make your interest known to the Confession.XYZ community.


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